I am going into the studio March 11 to begin work on the new record.
With acclaimed producer Allan Rodger
and recording at the famed Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver B.C.

"The Other Side of Charlie"

Short Film written & directed by Greg Melanson

Recently released after a brief stint in a mental hospital, a young man struggles to return to normal life, as his disconnect with reality intensifies to gruesome consequences. Original score as well as original song by Bob Rylett.

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 "Winter Driving" 
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I want to give my humble and heartfelt gratitude and thanks
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"When through the cosmos we solicit, with a pureness of heart, that which we daringly dream.
We must have the faith that the Universe will answer us deservedly. For when we bravely face
and embrace our struggles, let us remember, we are also worthy of the gift and the reward."

I am thrilled and honoured to be recognized as one of the top ten independent artists of 2013! 
by LadyLake Music! 
Thank you to Cindy and everyone at LadyLake Music for the kind recognition!
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7. Bob Rylett – Moon

Modern Folk

Discovered via  ReverbNation

"A funky style and a Dylan-esque flair, Canadian Bob Rylett has what other singer’s dream of – an unmistakable and distinctive sound. Produced by Jeff Seaman and mixed by Bob Pompei. Recorded at Barrel House Sound.  Outstanding tracks include ‘On a Delicate Moon’ 
"Somebody Hold Me Tight", and ‘When Love Comes Around’."

Bob Rylett Blog

I want to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone purchasing songs and albums from me,
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Bob Rylett

Some news. I want to thank all those involved in the video shoot for "On a Delicate Moon" It was truly an amazing experience and I can't express my appreciation enough.

Thank you so much to the cast and crew. Couldn't have happened without you.

Cast and crew.
Greg Melanson Director
Chris Rogers Producer
Yared Beyene Producer/2nd Camera
Sinead O'Flynn lead actress
Josh King lead actor
Max Krewiak Director of Photography
Travis Hansen DOP assistant 
Carolina Siulin Stylist 
Miko Wu lead makeup
Mia Wang Makeup
Gita Dunn Pa Photography
Mari Omae Pa

Background performers
Emily Case, Patrick Parrotta, Claire Nelson, Shawn Mitz, Reese Motzek, Gary A. Bigger,
Wyatt Lincoln, Tyler Peerless, Vicky Theriault, Christine Bissonnette

Also we completed our spanish version of  "Time to Heal" entitled "TIEMPO DE SANAR" and magically performed by Luis Gutierrez it can be heard  here

“Bob Rylett landed at my door carrying a guitar and a small tornado of songs. He’d been hounding the

big dream from town to town, working bars and small cafes, playing whatever people want to hear. Regular

juke-box with a smile. Picking up gigs any stop in between for fifty bucks and a burger. Sleeping in the car.

Pushing on down the road. Coast to coast and back again. BC mountains to the Florida Keys. All those white

lines and a life of reading signs. Every day he writes a new song. Disciplined, determined, and prolific. Has a

whole overflowing head-full of original material that bites. Watched him do his job on an unsuspecting crowd at

a joint on Main Street where he took everyone prisoner. Though it’s always tough to reach out and hold an

audience with stuff they haven’t already heard before, this is what he does for a living. They never really stood a

chance. ”

If (big if huh?) ... You decide to purchase a couple of songs why not directly email me here and I can get you Itunes ready MP3's or any high quality files.

Links for press (click quote)
A Channel News "Rylett is a passionate guy and his songs tell great stories"
The Georgia Straight "Bob Rylett is a walking jukebox"
Atlanta G.A. Creative Loafer "...a genius of timing..."
CBC 3 "Bob Rylett must be the hardest working songwriter on the planet"

Songs written by Bob Rylett

Bob Rylett vocals, guitar
Steven Drake Guitar, Bass
Adam Drake Drums, percussion
Elise Boeur Violin
Kevin Lucks Bass
Willie MacCalder Piano
Bob Pompei Backing Vocals
Madelyn & Savannah Read Backing vocals.

Recorded at Barrell House Sound Vancouver B.C.
Mastered at Digital Sunspot Nanaimo B.C.
Art Work by Tom Hamlyn Montreal, Quebec
Manufactured at Indie Pool Toronto, Ont.
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